09 Beneficial Microbes Museum & Tourism Factory

TEL: +886-3-9281168    FAX: +886-3-9288373 
ADD: No.22, Meizhou First Rd., Yilang City, Yilan County
Website: 09 Beneficial Microbes Museum , Facebook

GPS: 121,44.07 , 24,46.34

Visiting Information
• Open Hours: 09:00 ~ 17:00
• Closing Days: None
• It’s required to make advance reservation for both tourguide and DIY sessions.
(1) To make arrangement of microbes film enjoyment for 10 minutes.
(2) Tour Explanation of Beneficial Microbes Museum: Specific person with full trip explanation around the museum, about 15 minutes.
(3)With numerous DIY experiencing on food and skin care products, about 30 minutes.
• Each DIY item is with a charge of NT$180, and frozen mask is with a charge at NT$200.
• It’s required to make reservation eight days prior for Cordyceps militaris DIY.

Bionin Biotechnology Inc. brings the experts of microbes from Taiwan and the United States together for mutually planning and preparing on the establishment of the first ever museum with the theme of microbes in Taiwan, and by way of interactive tourguide, and approach of experiencing explorations, to teach people on the correct knowledge of microbes, allowing everyone to have better understanding to the world of microbes.